CWC Ex Mini Blythe Muchacha Zukin
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CWC Ex Mini Blythe Muchacha Zukin

Mini Blythe

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CWC Exclusive Petite Blythe "muchacha zukin"

Collaboration Petite Blythe with the popular kids clothing brand "muchacha"!

A little bitty "muchacha zukin" lives in a happy forest called "muchacha."
She has a mysterious powers to bring happiness to those who seek it.
She will give you a little bitty happiness to you, too!

"muchacha zukin" wears a felt bluish green top inspired by leaves, with a yellow skirt with a muchacha's signature basket print on it.
Her "zukin" (hood) is made of a green felt, and a lot of cute red flower are sew on it.
The flowers are double-layered with green leaves at the bottom to give a depth.
She ties the satin ribbon under her chin to wear the hood.

Her bag has a red flower on it, too and perfectly matches the hood!
There is a four-leaf clover print on her underwear and it is her lucky charm.
Her long boots are bluish green, with red soles and heals and white strings.

Her hair style is a two-tone long hair with bangs that reaches to her hips.
The sides are cut around the chin.
The hair color is red outside and light brown inside.
Her skin type is translucent like Petite Blythe "Little Retro Mama."
Her makeup is a yellowish green eye shadow with orange lips and blush.
The stand is yellow green, and the stool is gold.

[ Skin Type ] Translucent like Little Retro Mama
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- yellowish green, Lips- orange, Blush- orange
[ Eye Color] Blue green (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Two-tone (red and light brown)
[ The set includes: ] Doll, no sleeve top, skirt, "zukin (hood)," bag, boots, and stand. 

Release date: May 2010
Limited edition of 3000 dolls

250 匁
1 項


請注意,貨幣會自動以港幣結算。而其匯率由付款平台自動決定。Dollie World不另收費。



  • 香港,1-3日
  • 亞洲及澳洲,5-10日
  • 美國、英國、加拿大、西班牙、歐洲,7-14日
  • EMS,3-5日





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